Our mission

Helping people keep control of their inbox.

In the Leave Me Alone office we're 100% committed to helping reduce the impact of unwanted emails on the world.

When we first began investigating how we could make a difference we were amazed to discover that the majority of unwanted emails were from mailing lists which had been subscribed to intentionally.

Usually these types of emails wouldn't be considered spam, which makes them difficult to filter out.

We set out to solve this problem by providing two things;

  • a way to see all spam, newsletters, and subscription emails
  • a way to unsubscribe (not filter out) and get rid of those emails forever

Leave Me Alone was born to help get rid of emails that you signed up for, but no longer want.

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The future

Our response to unwanted emails is primarily reactive. We unsubscribe if we don't need them in an ever-lasting battle to take back control of our inbox.

What if we could stop the never-ending cycle of taking back control and continue to keep control?

We believe that this requires a shift from being reactive to being proactive.

Being proactive means we would never give our email to these subscriptions in the first place.

We think that Subscription Score is a powerful way of addressing this and we will be looking at ways we can use it to bring our users closer to this vision.

Who are we?

Hey! 👋 We're Danielle and James, a couple of independent founders.

Between us we have; lead front-end teams for the UK Governments biggest software engineering department, spoken at (and organised!) international dev conferences, been among the first employees of pioneering UK startups, taught young students the basics of programming, and delivered consistently successful software as freelancers.

Now we work on products that help people because it's rewarding and we love it, which we think is a good reason to do just about anything!

We're building Leave Me Alone on our own without funding or outside support. We're real people (not the huskies!) looking to help you, and others like you. ❤️

The two creators Danielle and James with two husky dogs

Special thanks

We are strong advocates of open source, and in this section we wanted to give special mention to the open source libraries that we couldn't do without. Keep up the good work everyone!

We also want to thank our beta testers, who help make Leave Me Alone better every day!

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