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A regular email emits about 4g of CO2 through it's lifetime, so unsubscribing from just 5 weekly newsletters that you don't read any more could prevent 1kg of carbon from being released into the atmosphere every year!

To help reduce the impact of emails on the world, every time someone buys a package of unsubscribe credits they can choose to donate $1 to plant a tree, and we plant one extra from us for every 10 purchases.

With your help, to date we have planted 0 trees! Scroll down to see our forest.

This Black Friday weekend, we are planting one extra tree for every 50 unsubscribes we perform!

0 unsubscribes so far!

Unsubscribe and save the planet!

Or check out our page about the impact of emails on carbon emissions.

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0flights from London to Paris
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