Security at Leave Me Alone

We take security and data privacy very seriously at Leave Me Alone, and we are proud to be open and transparent about how we operate.

What permissions do we ask for?

We only ask for the permissions we need to operate.

Gmail, Yahoo, Fastmail, iCloud, AOL & Other IMAP

  • email address - Your mailbox email address. We use this with your app password to connect to your mailbox using the IMAP protocol.
  • app password - This is a Leave Me Alone specific passcode that gives Leave Me Alone permission to access your mail.

We have taken several precautions to ensure the safety of your password and your account. Here’s how we secure your information:

  • master password encryption - Your Gmail authentication details are encrypted by your personal master password (the password you sign in with), and can only be decrypted when you login and fetch your mail.
  • password manager standards - This is similar to security methods used by password management systems, so we are confident your details are secure.
  • session security - When you login, your Gmail authentication details are only stored on your session, and are wiped when you log out. There is no way for someone else to access them, even if they were able to get into our system.

Other mail providers may or may not require an app password, but the same security precautions are still applied to your credentials.

You can remove Leave Me Alone access to your mailbox at any time by removing your account.

G Suite

  • gmail.readonly - View your email messages and settings. We use this to identify subscription emails and display them to you.
  • profile - View your basic profile info. We use this to show your name and display picture when you log in with Google.
  • email - View your email address. We use this to identify your account and to display which account you are logged in with or have connected.

Read more about the Gmail OAuth scopes.

You can view your Google App permissions or revoke access to Leave Me Alone at any time here.

Gmail permissions requested


  • Mail.Read - Read your emails. We use this to identify subscription emails and display them to you.
  • profile - View your basic profile. We use this to show your name when you log in with Microsoft.

Read more about the Microsoft OAuth scopes.

You can view your Microsoft App permissions or revoke access to Leave Me Alone at any time here.

Outlook permissions requested

What data do we store?

We never store the content of your emails in any form.

We do store some completely anonymous data which falls into two categories:

  • Statistical data which you see on our homepage and open page. This consists of counts of events such as number of users, number of emails we have seen, number of emails unsubscribed from, total revenue etc.
  • Algorithmic data which powers features like Subscription Score. This consists of metadata about senders such as email frequencies and unsubscribe rates.
lock image in a cloud
Subscription Score for a subscription email showing a rating of C

How do we power Subscription Score?

The metadata powering Subscription Score is derived from the sender of the email.

So that we can generate the score we record:

  • The frequency of emails from a specific sender
  • The quantity of addresses that sender uses
  • How often users unsubscribe from emails from that sender
  • How frequently emails from that sender are seen as spam or trash

We then calculate a ranking using some secret sauce mathematics, which grades each sender using the stats above.

It is not possible for this data to be associated with a Leave Me Alone account or email address.

This system improves the quality of Leave Me Alone for all users. If you don't want to contribute your data to this algorithm for whatever reason then you can opt-out at any time from your account preferences.

Security features

We are 100% committed to protecting you and your information.

At any time you can deactivate your account which will delete all of your data, revoke your API keys, and sign you out.

list of our security features

Want to know more?

We are proud to be open and transparent about our service in every way we can.

If you have any more questions about how we operate then please get in touch - we will be happy to help!

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