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Inbox sanity for happy teams

Receiving unwanted subscription emails is a source of annoyance, frustration and interruption. Leave Me Alone makes it quick and easy to unsubscribe so that your team can focus on building your business.

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Clean all accounts together

Email is necessary for company communication. Each team member can connect all of their email accounts and see all of their subscription emails in one go. Make email a productive tool again.

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Stay focused and productive

When you unsubscribe we don't just move your mail into a folder or to trash, instead we actually unsubscribe you from the list. Your company will be clear of subscriptions forever, even if you decide to stop using our service.

"I love how Leave Me Alone seamlessly allows you to visualize your inbox and then remove the junk - permanently! I found the product so valuable that I ended up buying scans for my entire team."

Steph Smith, Head of Publications - Toptal avatarSteph Smith, Head of Publications - Toptal
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Peace of mind for data security and privacy

We NEVER compromise our customers' privacy.

Leave Me Alone never stores the content of any emails. Emails we scan on your behalf are streamed directly to you, and not stored on our system. Sensitive company and customer information remains private, as it should be.

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Did you know that on average your office spends 28 percent of the work week on email? That's almost 12 hours a week per employee![1]

About one in ten[2] of these emails are subscriptions, and many are completely useless!

Our prices for teams let every member of your team completely clean their inbox of all unwanted subscriptions for a fixed price per user.

We support any Google or Microsoft email accounts, including those with custom domains on G Suite and Office 365.

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"Using Leave Me Alone has resulted in a 17% reduction in my emails, saving me hours of time each month."

Luke Chadwick, Founder - GraphQL360 avatarLuke Chadwick, Founder - GraphQL360

For Teams

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+ $6.00 per seat
  • Google & Microsoft support
  • IMAP support
  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • Unlimited API access (coming soon)
  • Email forwarding (coming soon)
  • Email, chat and phone support
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How much time can we save?

From our anonymous usage data we can estimate how much time your company can save based on your number of employees.

Approximately how many people work at your company?

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Your offices receives approximately this many emails per month [3]

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Around 8-10% of all mail we scan is a subscription email
are unwanted
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Our users report around 36% of the subscriptions we find are unwanted

Save 1 month of work time each year!

We estimate your company of 20 employees receives around 1,659 unwanted subscription emails each month.

Collectively you could save 4 days of time otherwise spent reading email each month if these were gone. [4]

That's 1 month of work time savings each year based on an 8-hour workday.

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