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All of your subscription emails together

Too much noise in your inbox? We show you all the mailing lists you're subscribed to and let you unsubscribe with one click.

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Quickly see the worst spammers

We rank each of your subscriptions based on our unique Subscriber Score, so you can quickly tell if it's worth hanging on to.

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Clean all of your inboxes at once

Connect all of your email accounts and scan them together. Clear out all of your subscription emails from all of your email addresses in one go.

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Privacy first

We're committed to privacy. We don't store any email content so you don't have to worry about us losing or selling your data.

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Say goodbye to subscriptions forever

When you hit the unsubscribe button we don't just move your mail into a folder or to trash, instead we actually unsubscribe you from the list.

This means the subscriptions are gone forever, even if you decide to stop using our service.

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We support both Gmail and Outlook

If you have a Google or Microsoft email account then we have you covered. This includes Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, Office 365, Live, and Hotmail.

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Let's talk money

So that we can keep your data safe Leave Me Alone is a paid service. Each email you unsubscribe from costs one credit.

For Individuals

Starting at


for 50 credits
  • Google and Microsoft support
  • 1 credit = 1 unsubscribe
  • Limited API access (coming soon)
  • Email forwarding (coming soon)
  • Email and chat support
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For Teams

Starting at


per seat/month
  • Google and Microsoft support
  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • Unlimited API access (coming soon)
  • Email forwarding (coming soon)
  • Email, chat and phone support
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"Leave Me Alone doesn’t sell your email data to marketers as some other unsubscribe services do."

"Wish you could take back control of your inbox and declutter it without having to sacrifice your privacy?"

"Leave Me Alone make significantly stronger privacy commitments than companies in the data collection business."

"Using Leave Me Alone has resulted in a 17% reduction in my emails, saving me hours of time each month."

Luke Chadwick, Founder - GraphQL360
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Join 0 users who have unsubscribed from a total of 0 spam emails

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