How does Leave Me Alone work?

Start unsubscribing in 3 simple steps - let's go!

  1. Connect

    Connect each of your email accounts and clean all of your inboxes at once.

  2. Scan

    See all of your spam, newsletters, and subscription emails in one place.

  3. Unsubscribe

    One click and that subscription email is gone forever - just like magic!

How do I use Leave Me Alone?

One click unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from the emails you don't want just click the toggle and we will do the hard work for you.

If there's an unsubscribe link provided we follow it and unsubscribe you. If there's no link, we send an email using a unique address which identifies your subscription.

a subscription email item showing the sender and how many times it has been received
connected accounts image

Clean all of your inboxes at once

Connect all of your email accounts and scan them together. Clear out all of your subscription emails from all of your email addresses in one go.


1 credit = 1 unsubscribe.

Only pay for what you want to unsubscribe from.

Earn more credits for inviting friends, tweeting about us, reaching milestones and more!

your credits balance modal
the mail list search bar with filtering and sorting options

Customisable mail list

Filter and sort your mail by email address, date received, score, and more.

We will keep your list up to date so each time you log in your new subscription emails will be ready to view.

Subscriber Score

Quickly determine which emails are worth keeping using our revolutionary ranking system.

There's some clever math behind the scenes so you can see which emails spam you the most and how many other people decided to unsubscribe!

Learn more about how we power Subscriber Score

subscriber score for a subscription email showing a rating of C
animation of clicking the favourite sender button

Keep your favourites

Not all subscription email is spam!

Add senders you want to keep to your favourites and prevent accidental unsubscribes from the newsletters you actually read.

Frequency of emails

See how many emails you have received from a sender in the last 6 months.

Daily and weekly newsletters will show high numbers but some senders may surprise you with their frequency.

frequency tooltip showing 42 LinkedIn emails were received in the last 6 months
a subscription email with a spam label

Scan all your folders

We scan all of your folders including your trash and spam for the deepest of cleans.

We'll let you know if an email was seen in your trash or spam folder.

Set a reminder

Those subscriptions will start creeping up again and unfortunately we can't clean up emails from the future.

Set a reminder to clean your inbox again whenever suits you!

setting a reminder to scan again in 6 months

"I must admit I'm lazy at unsubscribing to subscription emails, so my email inbox grows at an alarming rate every day. I just used Leave Me Alone and unsubscribed to 15 emails in 3 minutes. What a great idea!"

Tom Haworth, Managing Director - B13 Technology
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