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"No more junk. Although it’s not the first service that promises to unsubscribe you from junk emails, Leave Me Alone doesn’t sell your email data to marketers as some other unsubscribe services do."

"That is why you should pay money for Leave Me Alone, an email unsubscription service that doesn’t sell user data."

"Leave Me Alone make significantly stronger privacy commitments than companies in the data collection business."

"Leave Me Alone let’s you clean your inbox from these spam emails, without ever storing or sharing any of your data. Unlike existing solutions that sell your data to marketers, they make their commitment to privacy central to their product approach."

"Wish you could take back control of your inbox and declutter it without having to sacrifice your privacy?"

"Unlike other unsubscribe services this one makes money by charging a small fee instead of selling your data to advertisers"

"Leave Me Alone is also a step away from its competitors because it doesn't store user information and e-mails."

"Leave Me Alone is a privacy-friendly way of doing the same thing that did while knowing your data is safe."

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