Whatever the size of your inbox our pricing has you covered.

So that we can provide a great, privacy-focused service, we charge a small amount for each unsubscribe.

We offer several different sized packages of credits based on your needs.

Each successful unsubscribe costs one credit.

Check out how many unsubscribe credits you might need below.

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for 50 credits
  • 50 unsubscribes
  • Google & Microsoft support
  • IMAP support
  • Email and chat help
  • Costs less than a cup of coffee
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How many credits do I need?

From our anonymous usage data we can estimate how many credits you might need based on the size of your inbox.

Approximately how much mail do you receive each day?

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You receive approximately this many emails per month
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Around 8-10% of all mail we scan is a subscription email
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Users report around 36% of the subscriptions we find are unwanted

We estimate you receive around 17 unwanted subscription emails each month.

We recommend a package of 50 credits for $2.50.

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Why is it not free?

Some of our competitors offer a similar unsubscription service for free. They are able to do this because they make money by aggregating and selling data generated from your emails.

You can read more about this on The New York Times, Life Hacker, Wired, TechCrunch, CNET, and The Guardian.

At Leave Me Alone, we have made it our policy to NEVER compromise our users' privacy in this way.

To further ensure this is never a possibility we don't even store any email information. Any emails we scan on your behalf are streamed directly to you and not stored by our system.

This means you can be sure we will never exploit your data in order to keep our lights on.

That said, we do store some completely anonymous data so that we can show fancy statistics (like the ones you see on the homepage), and power our Subscription Score algorithm. You can read more about this and how we manage all our data here.

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